Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm Drunk

tonight i had dinner and DRINKS with my best friend melissa. i say DRINKS because i drank more than i ate. and i don't usually drink. so i'm drunk. nuff said.

anyway, it was awesome catching up with her. we haven't seen each other in over a year. A YEAR! and only 30 miles seperate us. actually, less than that because she works in government center and i'm in harvard square. so what's that.... 6 miles? 7? less? i don't know. all i know is that she's my best friend and a year is too long to go without seeing her.

it's great to be able to talk to someone about everything and anything. and what's even better is to be able to laugh together. we were laughing so hard at one point, tears were streaming down our cheeks and our stomachs hurt. the good kind of hurt where you laugh till your abs get rock hard. sweet.

anyway, here's melissa. she's talking on her wicked cool cell phone. she's got the cool job that allows her cool cell phones and a new Audi. i've got a lame job that allows me a ghetto cell phone and a monthly bus pass.

we had to much to drink. hence, the goofy face.

so yeah, we need to get together more often. because we're not getting any younger. plus, i miss the good times. good times.

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