Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dunks and the Red Sox

the girls at the dunkin donuts in harvard square know exactly what i want before i get there. it's so cool how they see me coming off the escalator and they have my coffee ready. the only thing they don't know is what muffin i want. i keep them on their toes with that one.

this morning they gave me my usual iced coffee in a super awesome johnny damon cup. i have a feeling that they have a surplus of these cups that they have to get rid of. but i'm not complaining. i have the one on the right:

click to enlarge

coffee tastes better when you're drinking it out of a world series champions cup.



fluffy said...

its funny, i have one of those cups too, and wherever i get an iced coffee from, inevitably when i get to work i pour it into that cup. i have no idea why, i just do.

Honey Bunny said...

i did that this morning, too!!

rock on with our bad selves!