Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I Seafood and I Eat It!

i really, really, REALLY wish that phillip liked seafood. i love it. the only seafood i will not eat are muscles, anchovies, and oysters. everything else is fair game.

phillip hates seafood. he hates the smell of it. i can understand someone being turned off by the smell of raw fish, but cooked fish smells soooooo goooood. i can't cook it at home because the smell will make him gag, so i order it when we go out to dinner.


we can't go to a seafood restaurant. and i am craving Legal Seafoods in the worst way. but we can't go because phillip gets ill when he's near fish.

i guess i'll have to have my other boyfriend take me out for seafood.

i'm kidding!


Anonymous said...


ok so this is COMPLETELY off topic, but i saw this and instantly thought of P. this comes in one of my yahoo groups, so i thought id pass it on to you to pass on to him:

Prom DJ for Art School

[contact cherrytreedusk@ yahoo.com ]

The school I teach at (Beacon Charter School for the
Arts) in Woonsocket, RI needs a prom DJ for the night
of Friday, June 10th. The lowest offer the student
council has been able to get for the night is $325. If
you are reading this and are or know a DJ who would be
willing to do it for less than this (or free, with my
infinite gratitude), can you let me know? The students
would like a mix of mostly current music, and would be
willing to lend CD to me and/or the DJ.

The DJ would need to bring their own equiptment.
It will *not* be a typical prom. The kids are awesome
and the school is tiny and artsy.

Gracias for any help you can offer in helping make
this happen!!!

fluffy said...

ps-if i liked seafood and wasnt married, i would SOOOO be your "other" boyfriend for a dinner!!!:)

fluffy said...

pps-oh, and the anonymous comment above was me, btw. guess i forgot to tag it.

Honey Bunny said...

fluffy, you're too cute :)

and thanks for letting me know about that DJ gig. i'll let P know about it and see if he's interested. we'd have to rent a car to get there, but it could be cool. we both hated our prom, so this might be fun :)