Friday, May 20, 2005

No, I DON'T Want Fries with That!

may 15th was 365 days, one whole year, since phillip and i have stepped inside a McDonalds!

we were totally turned off after watching SuperSize Me that we vowed not to eat McDonalds ever again. well, we made it through a year.

i'm also happy to say that i haven't been inside a wendy's either. but i have to admit...twice in the past year i had a craving for a fish sandwich from burger king. but two fish sandwiches in a year isn't bad!

so Happy Anniversary to us! one more couple who isn't giving money to the nastiness that is fast food.


fluffy said...

have you seen that the guy from Supersize Me has a new show on FX? sounds pretty interesting.

Honey Bunny said...

spurlock? nope. i haven't seen it.

Anonymous said...

Why not go vegan. Watch video at or

fluffy said...

here is the info on it;

Honey Bunny said...

because, anonymous, i hate vegan food. not to mention that i like meat...a LOT. just because i don't like mcdonalds doesn't mean i should go vegan. there's nothing better than a well cooked steak. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! mcdonalds and other fast food restaurants don't use real beef. and so that's why we gave it up. not to mention that the fat content and calories in it is outstanding. who needs it?

so, "go vegan" for me. thanks, though!

fluffy said...

good call. im a vegetarian but could never go vegan. id miss dairy and eggs too much. plus i like cooking meat-grilling is a hobby of mine, and i love mastering how to cook a perfect steak, even if im not the one going to eat it.

plus veganism has should i put it..militant slant to it. every vegan ive ever known is so intolerant of anyone who doesnt follow their ethos.

plus eating out vegan is too limiting-i dont have time to find out which restaurants use chicken broth, and now if i eat it, eh no big deal. life goes on.

Honey Bunny said...

yes, you put it perfectly by calling vegans "militants". i could not agree more.

vegetarianism i can handle. i tried it for a while, but i missed chicken so much i couldn't do it.

but veganism...that's just too out there for me. of course, to each his own, but don't try to turn me to see your light ;)