Friday, June 03, 2005

Air Guitar Championships!

tonight is the Air Guitar Championship at Harper's Ferry! i think this is totally funny. i've never seen it, or been anywhere that people are actually playing air guitar for money and prizes. people actually practice air guitar! who does that?!?

i just have the pleasure of seeing phillip play air guitar at home when Rock Fest or Metal Mania is playing on VH1 Classic. it's a riot.

fun fact: phillip plays air guitar with his left hand, even though he's right handed.

if you're interested, here's an air guitar blog

and the wikipedia entry on air guitar.

and if you need help honing your skillz, read this.

1 comment:

fluffy said...

yea we saw that on the way to practice friday night. ugh, i used to be in a band with a guy who air-drummed on the subway, just to the songs in his head. ugh it was so embarassing.

ps-im left handed, but i play guitar right handed like most people. weird huh?