Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gem Sweater Be Thy Name

did anyone go to see the gem sweater lady at the coolidge last night? i wish we could have seen her and her hip-hop band. we should have just went. oh well.

i can't tell if this woman is for real or she's just putting on this act. i mean, she's completely stuck in a time warp, and she's only 23. there was an article about her in the Metro yesterday (actually, it's the weekend edition so you can still read it if you can get your hands on one) and she looked all weird posed in her gem sweater. you have to think: is that really her, or just a big act? the boston globe article on her is interesting. i kind of wish i knew her. i'm sure we'd be friends.

i'm pretty intrigued. damnit...phillip and i should have just went last night instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves! of course, we could have done a lot of things last night if people actually followed through with their plans instead of dicking us over. you'd think we'd learn by now, right? *sigh*

oh well. maybe she will bring her Mobile Museum around and we can see the sweaters on her world tour. and we should really catch her hip hop band when they play next. after all, she does live in boston. :)
here's her myspace account

gem sweater video... MUST SEE!


fluffy said...

yea i saw her in the globe, and i cant figure her out either. she looks like an extra from Napolean Dynamite or a John Waters film.

eh i couldnt have gone anyway. im so freakin broke. i got 2 shows i really really want to go to tonight and cant go to either cause ive got about 20 bux to last me until the 15th, and that uncludes buying T tokens.

Honey Bunny said...

she's somethin', i tell ya. i'd like to meet her, though. she seems pretty interesting.

what shows were you planning on seeing tonight? we're going to see "laughing wild" because p got free tix. the next time there is a play at the huntington, i'll get two for you and your lady. we can double date! :)

halloweenlover said...

The pants! The gold pants from her website! I'm blind now!

The sweaters aren't even that bad, but the gold pants are killing me. Interesting, though. I didn't see or hear anything about her, but now I am fascinated.

Honey Bunny said...

i don't know how she keeps cool in both the sweaters AND the pants! it's hot up on stage, i'm sure! i think it's cute her mom made her the pants. that's a cool mom if you ask me!

DP said...

She seems pretty genuine to me. I mean, I don't sense any of that hipster distance, that "aren't I cool to like this ugly thing", you know what I mean? I've been looking forward to seeing her band.

Honey Bunny said...

oh yeah...totally. she's the real deal. even if it's an act, it's genuine (if that makes sense). i hope she plays in boston again soon!