Monday, June 06, 2005

I Caught You!

ha! this morning, before phillip went to work, he put my new Queens of the Stone Age CD into the stereo and pressed play. i'm puttering around the house, cleaning up this and that, generally enjoying the new CD. well, the CD just ended and what comes on?


ha! i caught you, mister griffin!

he's always told me he hates bush. but there it is, playing in our multi-disc cd player. i can't wait to hear what's after this record. if it's another one of "my bands", i'm going to really have to razz him tonight! :)

when we moved in together, all of our CDs went on the enormous cd rack. phillip, being a DJ, has thousands of CDs. me, being a casual listener, has only a few hundred. but our tastes are pretty much the same (save for the classic rock crap i accumulated over my early 20s) so i didn't care that there wasn't a specific "jeanne's cds/ phillip's cds" organization. but there are some bands that i like that he's said he hates. bush being on of them. well, i caught him!

of course, i'm just teasing him. i'll poke him a little and snicker. but he'll get me back in that cute way he always does. so it's all good.

i do have to say that our long drive to NY was made bearable by the fact that we BOTH agreed on the music. we listened to Interpol, NIN, the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, etc. there was no mind numbing music like Lou Reed or the ear bleeding sounds of Voivod. goddamn it i'm lucky to be away from that shit. and the best thing? phillip likes U2.

was there any doubt that he's my soul mate? it's too cute that he put bush in the cd player, even though he says he doesn't like them :)

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Got Twin Girls? said...

I love QOTSA!