Sunday, June 19, 2005

Batman Begins

last night, phillip and i saw Batman Begins. i thought it was pretty good, albeit a bit too long. i think christian bale makes a pretty good batman, after michael keaton (who i thought was the best since he was the first). of course, i think Batman and Batman Returns are the best, since they were Tim Burton creations. leave out the other two and you've got a pretty good trilogy right there. the last two batman movies were complete crap. avoid them at all costs.

i really liked the casting. a lot. many big named stars, but it wasn't done (or made to seem) like it was a "star studded" production. i thought everyone did an awesome job without being over the top (like in Sin City - what a stinker!). of course, the movie was filled with eye candy; my favorite being liam neeson *drool*. i thought michael caine as alfred was a good choice, and also gary oldman as jim gordon...although i had a hard time trying not to stare at his moustache ;) the only thing i didn't like was the casting of katie holmes. she just wasn't believable. i didn't believe she really cared much for bruce wayne. maybe it was just me.

i li ke the hallucination scenes. those were very well done. cillian murphy plays a totally creepy doctor, which i also liked. i won't give that part away, as it is one of the main storylines of the film. but i will suggest that kids under 13 not watch it. only because there's some scary stuff going on in parts.

i have to say, though, that i think that the batmobile in this movie is by far the best. it can't fly, it can't go under water, it doesn't have many bells and whistles. it's just a huge piece of machinery that moves at high speeds and will plow through anything in its path. i liked that.

i think you need to go see Batman Begins. like, now. but be warned...your ass might fall asleep after the first hour and a half. i know mine did.


fluffy said...

we saw it today at IMAX(not 3D kind), and i gotta say to me it beats the tim burton ones, hands down. i think it exemplifies the darkness of the batman books really well, and the story and dialogue were great. burton's films looking back on them were a little corny, especially that second one. honestly one of the best films ive seen in a long time.

Honey Bunny said...

i don't think the burton ones were the end all be all, but looking back to 1989 when i was 14, it was awesome. but you have to admit that batmans #4 & #5 were pure crap. i like the burton ones because even thought they were a little hokey, they were still a bit dark. not as dark as this one, but much darker than the last two in the franchise.

Anonymous said...

Bunny: I had to chose between movies this weekend: M/M Smith or Batman, and the Smith's won, only because I didn't feel like battling opening night crowds for Batman. The one thing that I've read about that intrigues me concerning this new Batman movie is that it addresses issues not previously gone over in all other Batman sagas in terms of the character's history. Something to look forward to THIS weekend.

~~Washington Cube;jsessionid=7ADF4CB6B1F47C488D55EFA83C72FE6C

Anonymous said...

i agree the burton batman movies were good for their time, but as time goes on they appear more and more hokey. and its not the overall films, its a lot of little nagging things really. the whole scene in the art gallery seems tacked on. some of the dialogue is just bad. ugh and lets not even get into what schumacher did to the series. those dont even count anymore.

the odd part is where does the series go now? the part i didnt like in the new film is that there is that ending lead-in to connect the Joker. that kinda messes up the storyline of the earlier films. is this new film a continuation of the series, or a new franchise altogether? i wonder what the plan is now, because that ending doesnt tie into the origins of the Joker from the first burton film.

ok, im letting my nerdiness show.

fluffy said...

doh, that was me.