Saturday, June 18, 2005

Behold, The Spy Cam!

i had my spy camera with me today at work. here are some things i saw during the day. (for those of you who don't know, my 'spy cam' is this teeny tiny camera i bought from last year. i hardly use it because the battery dies fast AND if you remove the battery, all the photos delete. oh, and when my hard drive crashed, i lost the driver for it. thankfully, i had it installed on phillip's computer, so that's how i was able to get them off the spy cam.) anyway, enjoy:

(view from my desk)

(we got a crapload of paper in today. i didn't put it away. oh, i sit BEHIND all that paper.)


(yes, it's one of the huge telescopes)

(there's a catholic church across from my office)

(by the bus stop)

(on my way to the bus from harvard square)

(across the street from the bus stop)

(i need veggies!)

(prudential and christian science center dome)

(sorry ma'am, you can't take pictures in the store - isn't he too cute?)

(my lunch)


paige said...

Okay even one or two little spy pics of Boston make me miss it even more. :)

Honey Bunny said...

move back, paige! boston misses you, too! :)