Thursday, June 16, 2005

Long Time, No Post

yeah, i know i haven't posted in a while. just not feeling up to it.

check out my new bike:

phillip and i have been riding on bike paths around the city. last night we got lost and ended up kind of far from home. but it was still good to get out there and bike. only now my butt is so sore from the seat that i didn't want to get back on the bike again, ever!

but i did. i rode it to phillip's work so it's easy for me to get home tonight. i'll pick up some groceries and bike home. i just hope it isn't raining.

on another note, i think it was pretty poor planning on Bank of America's part to upgrade people's accounts during the middle of june AND for an entire week. since i can't access my account to do any transfers, my checking account is now -$9. why, you ask? because all my automatic bill payments came out on the day before they started their "upgrade" and now, unless i physically give a teller some cash to deposit, i'm stuck with that negative balance until their "upgrade" is finished on the 20th. goddamn it! my paycheck is supposed to be deposited on saturday. it better go through or i'll be MIGHTY PISSED!

i keep saying i should change banks, but i'm to damn lazy to deal with it. blargh.

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