Friday, August 12, 2005

Advertisements I Hate

currently at the top of the list is Tanqueray. that tony sinclair is a weenie and deserves a big punch in the kisser. these ads grate on my nerves because it's gin they are selling. GIN! you know what it takes to make gin? Distillation of white grain spirit and juniper berries! THAT'S IT! and what do you usually mix with gin? JUICE! so sorry, tony sin-claaaah, i'm not buying the idea that your brand is any better than what the bums in my neighborhood drink.

the next bunch of ads i can't stomach are the Vehix ads. especially the one with the woman in the orange jacket and really bad haircut. she gets into the minivan, sqats, and proceeds to hop around in circles. the point? that with you can use their 360 panoramic feature that shows you the inside of the car.
every time this commercial comes on i cringe. that woman seriously creeps me out.

another ad that gets me all creeped out is the ad for the nail fungus. i know it's been out for a long time, but still to this day, i can't watch it. you see a cartoon fungi-monster lift up a toenail and crawl inside. i'm sorry, but if that doesn't make you cringe and want to have a mini freak-out, YOU'RE NOT HUMAN! i don't even know the narration of that commercial because i can't get past the fungi-monster peeling back the nail on a big motherfucking toe! ACK!

and the last commercial that gets on my nerves to no end is the ricoh commercial that plays Peggie Lee's "It's A Wonderful World" in the background. there's a chunky redheaded guy with his arms full of proposals as he walks around his office with a shit eating grin on his face. everyone gives him dirty looks (who wouldn't? they're stuck in an office all day!) and at the end, you see him sitting in a conference room all by himself, with that grin STILL plastered on his face. so goddamn annoying. i need to turn the channel whenever it comes on.

what are some commercials that YOU hate?


fluffy said...

i agree with the Vehix ones, but more because of the fact that they play them waaaay too much, often 2 right after each other.

honestly i hate commericals. i hate being sold to. its amazing i dont have TiVo yet. as it is i usually just mute the TV during them.

as for most hated, id have to say movie previews, since most movies suck that they are advertising. way too loud and annoying.

Belinda said...

The creepy old man who hip-hop dances for Six Flags. *shudder*

The DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket commercial. It's a mini-musical! With Peyton Manning! And Barry Sanders! And Dick Butkus! And that big dude from "Curb Your Enthusiasm!" And it goes on FOREVER! HELPPPPPP!!!!!

And I thought the dermatodite commercial that you mention was THE worst...until: The one for some prescription expectorant--Mucinex or something equally gross. Well, in this one, there's a guy, he starts feeling congested, and the next thing you know you're seeing a cartoon/CG version of the guy's lung. There is a big, green, hideous MUCUS MONSTER moving in to this guy's lungs. Seriously. He's bringing furniture, decoration, and settling into his easy chair, saying, "I'm gonna like it here." Until the guy takes his Mucinex (or whatever), and starts coughing. Then you see the big evil snot-wad getting sucked upward, along with all his furnishings. They don't show it, but you KNOW that what has just happened is that the expectorant has allowed the congested guy to just cough up a giant loogie...and its furniture. And that is my vote for #1 most egregiously offensive commercial currently airing.

Honey Bunny said...


i forgot about that horrid six flags guy. he creeps me out!

i haven't seen the mucinex commercial though. it sounds horrifying!

Belinda said...

Here ya go--the ACTUAL commercial is here. It's called, "Meet Mr. Mucus." I kid you not.