Friday, August 12, 2005

Business Venture

i think what i need to do after the wedding is start up a website detailing how the average bride-to-be can have a great wedding on a very small budget. and when i mean small, i mean under $2K. phillip and i are doing it, so why not share my secrets?

for a price, of course.

i see so many "How To Have A Lavish Wedding on a Tight Budget" sites all the time. the only problem is the "tight budget" these people are talking about is like $20K! that's half a year's salary for some of us! i realize that if a couple has a large family they will have to spend more, but i think i'm going to gear my website towards non-conforming, non-traditional couples out there like phillip and i. couples who care more about the food and fun than the dresses and centerpieces.

so, yeah, i think it could work. i've been keeping a tally of what we've spent so far and where we've purchased everything. i can share that info with others and make some money while doing it. of course, i also have the feeling that it might not be so successful because couples like us don't really need any additional help/ideas.

but it can't hurt to try, right?


fluffy said...

we only spent about $800, but of course that was in tennessee, of course. we rented a theater for $100, the cakes were made by a friend, not a lot of people of course, and we made mostly everything ourselves(food, decorations, etc0, pics were taken by friends and family, music pre-recorded, etc. most expensive thing was the dress, which wife sold after the wedding(seriously, why keep it?!)

Honey Bunny said...

$800 is awesome! looks like phillip and i are doing the food, which is kind of a daunting task, but we'll manage. and i purposely bought a dress that i can wear again and again so i wouldn't be stuck with a dress that would sit in my closet.