Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another Reason To Move to MN!

the minnesota state fair!

i miss stuff like that.

i want to move so badly. living here is just sucking my soul and my money.

but if i'm going to be one half of The Griffins, the other Griffin has to want to move, too.

maybe we will someday. that would be great.


Will said...

also it's the place that spawned the Replacements and Husker Du not to mention Prince and Bob Dylan.

some girl said...

Hi, found you via Sarcastic Journalist. I noticed that you mentioned CL Boston so I thought I would swing by your blog because I live in Boston too.

I read your recent post about Child Free bloggers, so, um, yeah. Me. I blog. I have no children. I talk about drug, sex, and alcohol. I leave the rock and roll to the professionals.

Okay, so now I feel totally lame, but whatever. I can deal.

Honey Bunny said...

hi somegirl-

i will check out your blog later today! do you read the boston CL? it's terrible! whenever i read it, i get all depressed and start hating humanity. people in this city are foul. that's why i'd like to move to friendlier ground someday soon.