Thursday, September 01, 2005


it's the pictures of the babies and the old people that i cannot stomach. it tears my hear out.

i'm sorry, but i don't think that the government is "well aware of the desperate cries for help" in new orleans and other parts of the country. how can they be? have they watched any of the coverage? why wasn't something done on tuesday? why is the president taking his sweet ass time getting to NOLA and other parts of the country affected? why aren't there supplies flown in? why aren't the local police doing their job? WHY?

i can't watch more than 20 minutes before i feel physically ill. it's that feeling you get when your heart has been ripped out and you've been hurt so bad. you want to cry and punch things and scream and cry some more. you feel powerless and anxious and fidgety at the same time.

i saw one clip of a woman who said that the hotel she was staying at evacuated all the guests. the majority of the guests loaded up their SUV's and trucks with luggage and never offered to help out other guests get out of the city. they were more concerned with getting themselves out than helping other people.

what kind of human beings DO that?!?

so now the woman is hiding out in someone's apartment, on the roof, with 4 other people and 3 dogs. they have not much water left and no one is able to help them.

the more i watch and read the sicker i feel. i'm so proud of the people there who are keeping things together, despite the lack of police. i'm proud of those who are helping others while sacrificing themselves. but i'm nauseated thinking about how the president just doesn't seem to care enough to get help to the people who need it. how much longer are they going to have to wait? how many more people are going to have to die? how many more babies won't see their next birthday?


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Honey Bunny said...

goddamn it, i really didn't want to have to enable the function to keep spammers away, but you people are obnoxious.

SoozieQ said...

Hi there. I'm not a spammer! YEAH!

Anyway, I think I saw the same woman you are referring to on the news out here too. Tore my heart out, to say the least. I had the very same reaction you did. WHO could do that? It's only luggage people!!?!?

Belinda said...

I had to de-spam my blog too. Sorry. The good news is, you can trash-can the spam comments.