Friday, August 05, 2005

A Feeling of Nostalgia

did anyone here play Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? on their wicked old PC's when they were in junior high (i think it came out in '85)?

i L O V E D that game!

the tv show, however, not so much.

the computer graphics were horrible, it was unbelievably slow, the questions weren't difficult at all, and when you finally found carmen, there wasn't all that much of an ending to the game. plus, there were so few questions that if you played the game as much as i did, you'd end up memorizing the clues and questions so it lost it's appeal very quickly. not to mention that the game was on a bunch of floppies and not a CD-ROM! but i still played it for hours.

so when i saw this website for the new Mega M&M's, i was transported back. the opening sequence totally reminds me of the opening to the Carmen game. anyone else think so?

yeah, i'm a dork. what's it to you?

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