Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My Date with Mr. Griffin

i met phillip at the brookline booksmith last night after work. there was a scheduled reading and book signing by James Frey in the cellar. i made my way down and found phillip sitting in one of middle sections. there was a book sitting on a chair next to him. i said "can i sit here?". he smiled and said "i was saving it for you."

before James Frey came out, phillip and i caught up on the day. i told him about my sucky day at work and he told me about his awesome day off. he also told me that when he got to the bookstore and sat down, he placed the book on the chair next to him. a man came over and said "are you saving this seat?" phillip said "yes." "well, i was saving it, too." i guess there were all of 10 people there at the time, and a ton of seats open, but this guy wanted that particular seat. so instead of really saying anything to the guy, phillip just shrugged and gave him this face:
i guess it scared the guy away! haha!

at 7pm, James Frey came out and read a passage out of his new book My Friend Leonard. it was pretty interesting so i'll have to get the book. then the Q&A started and i pretty much cringed through the whole thing. some questions were interesting, but the majority of the people there just kissed his ass. and that's so annoying. speaking of annoying, the woman sitting at the end of our row kept saying "yep!", "uh-huh!", and "mmm!" after everything James said. i wanted to punch her out. it was also very hot down there and i was starving, so that's probably why i wanted to kick her in the head.

after the reading, we beat it out of that inferno and headed to the clubhouse pub for some dinner. it was way too crowded since the game was on and all. we were planning on waiting the 15 minutes the waitress stated it was going to take, but like i mentioned, i was starving and about to rip phillip's face off. so we went to the upper crust for some pizza. it was super crowded inside there, too, so we just got some slices and ate them out on the ledge in front of the coolidge corner theater. i don't know why people rave over that place so much. i've had much better pizza.

after we ate our slices, we bought tickets to see March of the Penguins. i don't think i've ever seen a more depressing movie in my entire life. their whole existence is to mate, and sometimes that isn't even successful. i thought it was kind of strange how the penguins didn't "die", they just "disappear". for example, one scene shows a penguin trying to make the trek to reach a female by himself. he was left behind for who knows what reason. anyway, we see this poor penguin walking on the ice and snow by himself. morgan freeman's voice over let's us know that without the other penguins there to keep him warm, the lone penguin will not make it to the female. he will walk into the snowy terrain and disappear.


through the entire movie i kept saying "oh!" whenever a penguin died. or when a penguin shivered with cold. or when a penguin dropped an egg on the ice and therefore the baby inside "disappeared". my heart was breaking thoughout the film. i don't know why they advertise this as a "love" story. there's nothing but heartache and despair. DO NOT LET THE UBER CUTE BABY PENGUINS FOOL YOU! if you want to be sad for 80 minutes, go see it. but don't say i didn't warn you.


after the movie, we sulked to the train. it was a short ride back to kenmore square. there were a bunch of people trying to make it on to the train since the game had ended a short while before. we walked through kenmore and remarked at how clean and yuppie it is now. i haven't been to kenmore since i moved from allston. i have no need now since i don't take the #57 anymore. anyway, kenmore square is pretty high class now. and that makes us a bit sad.

when we got home i changed out of my date clothes and into pj's. it was after 11 at this point and WAY past my bedtime. so phillip kissed me goodnight and i fell asleep pretty quickly. but before i fell asleep, phillip and i talked about our date. that's probably the best part of the day. getting to snuggle with mister griffin and talk.

now THAT'S love.


fluffy said...

yeah Upper Crust blows goats. i have no idea why people like it, but i could put ketchup on saltines and make something that tastes about the same.

best pizza ive had so far has been Pizzapalooza and Pizzeria Uno.

halloweenlover said...

I LOVE brookline booksmith. Love it. I think it is the best bookstore in Boston. We should meet sometime at a book reading! Its never occurred to me to go to one, I think I'd like it.

Honey Bunny said...

where is pizzapalooza?

fluffy said...

its right down the street from brookline towards allston on harvard ave. its on the right if you are coming from brookline, and its right beside starbucks. if you get to the new staples, youve gone too far. across the street from that freestanding jewish deli on harvard ave.