Friday, September 30, 2005

Forever and Ever Amen

dear david ortiz,

i haven't found religion. i'm not a woman who goes to church. but i am pretty convinced that you've been sent by God Himself to play for the Red Sox. i mean, you're an angel. an angel who keeps getting your team out of nasty jams. and angel who, with a swing of a bat, can turn things around in a matter of seconds. how do you do it, david? since you can't answer me, i have to assume that you have super-human powers given to you by some Higher Force. i mean, it has to be more than luck, right? whatever it is, me and a million others thank you.

the next three days are very important. if you can, ask God to juice you up with the Power of the Lord. you're battling the Evil Empire, and we need you to win! we're so close, david!

keep it up big papi. you can do it. i've got Faith in you.


ps) i'm older than you, so make this old lady proud ;)

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