Friday, September 30, 2005

Help A Struggling Couple Out?

i'm not to proud to say that we're broke and struggling. the wedding is being paid for by the both of us. on top of wedding payments, we also have to scrape together rent, utilities, and other personal payments. it's not looking good. we've got 2 weeks before the wedding and we're stressing out about money.

looks like my button isn't working. just scroll to my sidebar and click the pretty purple bride one there.

so, help a struggling couple out? any amount is gratefully accepted. i will send everyone a special card and handmade gift as a 'thank you'. i'm good like that. so, yeah...we need help.

questions or concerns? email me.thank you so much.


fluffy said...

as much as id love to, we just has to shell out $680 in parking tickets.

hehe...its never to late to start a, ahem, "website"! :p

Honey Bunny said...

parking tickets! that's terrible ;)

yes, i've thought about a, ahem, "website" before, but right now, with the job i have, i would not be able to do it without ramifications.

but it's something i've thought about. i'm sure before i die i'll have my bewbs plastered all over the internet ;) IT'S A GOAL, DAMMIT!

just kiddin'

fluffy said...

well now your boobs ARE all over the internet, thanks to the boobathon thing you donated a pic too. so, goal reached i suppose!

Honey Bunny said...

yeah. but there are more pictures of the girls i could add to the internets ;)

Anonymous said...

more eh?!? damn, dont tease!

jkbfux said...

doh, that was me, fluffy. dont know why it didnt as for a name. but yup, was me. stupid comptuters!