Friday, September 30, 2005


so tonight's game is enjoyable with the don & the remdog doing the calling for NESN.

tomorrow and sunday will suck since the dreaded tim mccarver will most likely call for FOX.

i was surfing around and came upon this hysterical site.

i think the funniest Tim McCarver Quote has to be:

    During a meeting at the mound between the pitcher and catcher:"You see Colon talking into his glove because David Ortiz, from the Dominican Republic, can obviously read lips in Spanish."


so i'm watching the game now, waiting for my baby to get home from work. i'm so excited for this series!!

it's tied now my friends!

and i can hear "MVP! MVP! MVP!" from my livingroom!

man, i love living this close to the park.

Go Red Sox!

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