Monday, September 26, 2005

Laundry Rant

phillip and i have a system when it comes to laundry. if i bring the clothes to the basement and put them in the washer, he will then put them in the dryer and then bring them upstairs. or, if he does the washing, i do the drying. no matter who does what, i ALWAYS do the folding. why? because i can't wear wrinkled clothes out in public. p does such a bad job folding that i can't even give him and A+ for effort. so we decided that i'll just do the folding and then he does the putting-away.

tonight while we did laundry (oh my god! a couple staying home on a random night to do laundry? FOR SHAME!!) i remembered what a fucking hassle it was to do laundry with my ex. he'd get so goddamned stressed out when we were in the laundromat, especially if there were families in there. of course, he'd take it out on me because that's all he ever did. anyway, i hated doing laundry with him.

first of all, he never wanted to go to the laundromat, so we'd go two weeks or so without doing laundry. we'd have two hampers full of clothes that would take all day to wash. yeah...just how i want to spend my sunday. in the goddamn laundromat.

second of all, he seriously believed that if we DROVE TO NEW HAMPSHIRE to do laundry at his mom's house, we'd save money. he obviously didn't think about the gas we used or that all those miles means maintenance on the car. duh.

and thirdly, he had this thing where he HAD to wash his clothes on delicate. do you know how impossible it is to clean a load of mens clothing on fucking DELICATE? this man was a sweaty, hairy beast who often took long walks or did a workout in his clothes during the day. washing his things on DELICATE never got his clothes clean. ever. EV-ER! he always smelled like he didn't wash his clothes, even though he did...only on the pansy girlie cycle meant for, um, DELICATES! so whenever i was fed up with him and the growing pile of clothes, i'd do the laundry myself and wash everything on HOT and HEAVY DUTY just to 1) get the smell out and 2) get the satisfaction knowing that i was going against his wishes and NOT washing them on delicate.

laundry night with phillip is so stress free it's unbelievable. i hate doing laundry (who doesn't?) but doing it with him is a breeze...and only takes about an hour. it's not an all day event like it was with my ex. thank the stars for that, right?


Donna said...


I'm so glad you're happier now, with liek a NORMAL REASONABLE person!

Honey Bunny said...

ha! yeah, i hate him too.


i had to endure almost 3 years with him in order to find the love of my life. that's how fate works, ya know?


Will said...

The best thing about doing laundry with a woman you love is the spin cycle. Sometimes there aren't even clothes in the machine but that's ok.

Honey Bunny said...

will. you're dirty. i like that.

halloweenlover said...

OMG, Will cracks me up. I am all over the spin cycle too : )

P is the sweetest. I'm so glad you found each other!

Honey Bunny said...

will is silly :)

yes, he's a sweetie. i love him more than words can express!