Friday, September 09, 2005

Random Friday Five

my friday five bulleted list of nothing in particular:

  • my hair has reached it's out-of-control point. it's way too long and gets into everything. i'm waiting for it to be sucked into the fan and i'm subsequently scalped as a result. i must get it cut soon.

  • the play we saw last night stunk. it's the tom stoppard play at the huntington theater. p gets free tix from work. it was so bad that we left after the first act. i didn't care at all about the characters. plus, the actors kept slipping in and out of their british accents, which really got on my nerves. so p and i left, got dinner at UNOs, and biked home.

  • i made p laugh out loud TWICE last night. i mean, he LAUGHED out LOUD. he laughed at the way i was clapping at intermission and then he laughed remembering the note i left on the SUV that was PARKED ON THE SIDEWALK in front of our house on wednesday. i left a note under the wiper that said "what kind of fucking park job is this?!? you SUCK!" making p laugh out loud TWICE in one night is a seriously proud moment for me :)

  • i hope this spider bite on my arm doesn't get infected. it's red, there's a lump, and it hurts like a mofo. actually, i don't even know if it's a spider bite, but that's what i'm calling it for the goth cred.

  • as much as i don't want to, i KNOW i'm going to get drunk at my wedding. i'm not going to do it on purpose, of course, but it will happen. yikes. it's a good thing i'm a perky drunk.
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    halloweenlover said...

    A perky drunk, HA!

    I thought I would drink, I was way too busy being social. I did eat lots of cake, though, lots and lots of cake. Yum.

    Spider bite? Eek!