Friday, October 14, 2005


i can't believe my wedding is tomorrow night.


i feel like i have so much more to do, when in reality i don't. last night i went grocery shopping for all the foodstuffs with my friend Tammy. oh god, i spent $280! that might not sound like a lot, but when my credit card was declined it almost gave me a heart attack. so i had to take it out of my checking account. bleah. i am hoping we get tons of cash so i can get my ass out of debt ASAP.

well, i think i'll start my day. we have to be at the airport at 1:30 to pick up phillip's family. and then we go back at 6 to get my brother who is flying in from san diego. i can't wait to see him!


nita said...

oooo, i'm so excited for you! it'll be so great and so fun and you'll get tons of cash so keep an eye on the envelopes....

can't wait to hear all about it. best wishes hb :)

Will said...

congrats to both of you, we hope to see pictures soon.

halloweenlover said...


I hope you have the most wonderful wedding ever, and I'll cross my fingers for lots of cash gifts!

Hurray! You are going to be such a beautiful bride!

fluffy said...

congrats!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to read how it went.

Honey Bunny said...

thank you everyone! it was an awesome day! i'll post about it when i have some free time!