Sunday, October 16, 2005

YAY! We Did It!

we did it! we made it through the wedding! i cried like a baby, of course. i almost didn't make it through the vows, but i looked at the cheat sheet and all was well :)

i'll post much more after Mr. Griffin and i unpack and clean up a bit. we have so much stuff but so little room! as it is, we had to leave so much food behind because we just can't fit any more in our fridge. so we figure that the guys at the VFW hall will eat well for a week. it's good to give back, you know?

anyway, here are two of my favorite pictures from last night. click to enlarge.


fluffy said...

most awesome!

Honey Bunny said...


do you have flickr? if so, add me. i think i'm going to keep most of the photos private/friends only. just because there are some people out there i don't want looking at them. these people are known as deranged ex's and skanky chicks who just like to snark for snarking's sake :)

Will said...

Congratulations! Wich of those Do Not Look at Pics categories am I in?

Paige said...

Yay! Sorry I'm late with congrats, HB!