Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christmas Trip

phillip and i are going to my mom's house for Christmas. in a mere 17 days. well, i hope 17 days. phillip just has to ask for the 16th off. i've made reservations to pick up the car at 9am on the 16th, so i'm banking on phillip's work letting him have that day off.


that means that i have to get my ass in gear and figure out what presents and such i'm going to bring with me. it's a difficult task. for one, phillip and i aren't much into the gift-giving thing for the holiday. but try and tell that to my family. they look at us like we've got seven heads. and secondly, i have absolutely ZERO idea what to get them. my grandparents have everything and never need anything. my mom and sister are difficult to buy for since they are so picky. and my uncle is nearly impossible to buy for. so i don't have any ideas, other than baking them a pie or something.

i've always got these great ideas of projects i want to make people, but i never have the time to finish them. or start them, actually. it makes me kind of sad. maybe one day phillip and i will win the lottery and we can do whatever we want during the day. i know that i'll do lots of crafty projects, that's for sure. that way, when christmas rolls around, i'll have more presents to give out than people to give them to!


dawn said...

Weird question. I am trying to find a link I came across a while back to a website that sells cool rubber stamps. Was it your site that had the link?

Honey Bunny said...

hi dawn-
no, i'm sorry...i don't think i ever posted about rubber stamps.

unless you mean Paper Source? they have so many cool things on their site, including rubber stamps!

please let me know. i'm curious if i'm right!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could buy a few baskets, make some cupcakes, muffins and cookies, add a few packets of tea & hot chocolate, maybe even make some chocolate stirrers, and give everyone a pastry basket? It would be inexpensive, easy and fun.

dawn said...

Nope that's not the site, but thanks for the cool new resource.

Clurg said...

I'd much rather get a basket with muffins and cookies and bitchin tea than all that other crap my relatives seem to think I need or want.

A Honey Bunny Basket would be awesome.

You could add whiskey or Guinness or Bud Lite depending on who the gift is for. Maybe a nice blend of adult and kid treats.

Nothing that needs batteries though. Wait until Easter for that.