Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sorry, Dude...It Ain't 1982

i snapped this picture of a middle aged man on his hog while i was waiting for the bus home last night.

the dude was totally rocking out to Eye of the Tiger. i'm talking full on air guitar and drums. no joke. i took this just as the light changed or else i would have caught him in the act.

that totally made my night. seriously.

and if you want your night to be made, i suggest you click the link above.


TEN33GIRL said...

Wow. Blogging while listening to "Eye of the Tiger" made me feel BAD ASS! ;P

Thx for stopping by my page. Unfortunately I've never seen SWR live. I just stumbled across their music a few days ago and I'm really luvin it. Luvin ur page too btw...oh, and I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I LOVE ur hubbie's hair. It's very Robert Smith ;D What a cute couple =D

Clurg said...

Just disturbing all round.