Friday, November 18, 2005

I can't think of a title for this

heather is able to post this picture of her husband, jon, for all the world to see and he doesn't mind it at all.

ok, well, maybe he does. but they are still married so something tells me he doesn't mind much. :)

i tend to like people who don't take themselves so seriously. probably the reason why i don't get along with more than half the people in the goth scene here in boston. they are loud, obnoxious, pretentious, snooty, and just plan uninteresting. seriously. you try and have a conversation with someone who can only talk about 1) himself/herself 2)who is wearing what and why it's not "goth", 3) goth bands of yore: virgin prunes, strawberry switchblade (which isn't even 'goth', but whatever), the birthday party, etc etc and 4) himself/herself. doesn't make for interesting company OR conversation.

on a completely unrelated topic, for some reason this morning i was remembering back to when my mom made breakfast every sunday morning after church. she'd make eggs and bacon and we'd have bagels and donuts and tea and juice. i just remember when i was about 7 that my favorite thing to do was to dunk my powerdered doughnut into my orange juice and eat it. at 7, that was the tastiest thing ever. at 30 it makes me nauseous.

oh, and clurg, i'll post in the music, books, and movies later on today. i promise.

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Dragonlady said...

Nice blog. Love the skeletons! :)
My daughter is goth, and I lovingly call her "the bat" lol. She even changed the name of her blog to be called the "bats cave".
I saw that you had posted on my site and thought I would come take a look around.
Again, nice blog! :)