Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kate, Chris and Jeanne

Kate, Chris and Jeanne
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my good friend karen and her mom sent me a cd chocked full of awesome wedding photos! i love every single one of them, even the blurry ones. i have been sad because we got very little photos that turned out from the wedding. but there are so many good ones on this cd that i cried and cried. but the good kind of crying, of course.

that's my sister, me, and my brother. believe it or not, i'm actually shorter than my sis, but i had on wicked huge platforms. and my brother did that goofy thing with his pants on purpose because he's totally silly. man, i miss him a lot. i hope he moves back to the east coast. that would be great. my sister is doing well after her stay in the hospital. that's always a good thing.

thanksgiving is in a week from tomorrow. we're not doing anything special. i'll probably make a turkey log and some veggies. maybe get a cheesecake or something for dessert. we'll see. i just want to spend time with my husband.

oh yeah.... why do people clap on Emeril Live when he says something like "we need to get this bird to 165 degrees internally"? seriously people, you don't need to clap and cheer. dorks.


Clurg said...

I like hearing about turkey logs and cheesecake and asinine folks on tv, but when are you going to fill in all that boom-box, dvd, etc. area?

fluffy said...

yeah i hate emeril. his show is like one of those horrible ronco infomercials. every time he says something, people either clap, moan, or laugh. its like a horrible sitcom. i think its the cheers he gets everytime he does him "BAM!" thing that really kills me. ugh.