Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How Do People Live With Themselves?

on the busride home last night, a couple in their early 50s boarded a few stops outside harvard square. they sat their wealthy, well dressed asses down on the front two seats. the woman, without looking down once (i swear) kept filing her nails. or buffing them, i don't know (i've never had a manicure in the 30 years i've been on this earth). the man, her husband i assume, was reading The New York Times. he had the paper spread out and open in front of him, making amost a paper curtain between he and the rest of the people on the bus. and he kept clearing his throat really loudly.

the bus stops in central square and about 15 people board the bus. it's pretty crowded and people are standing, trying to hold onto anything they can so they don't topple over as the bush lurches forward. then, a man boards the bus. he is blind. now, people like you and me, dear reader, would get up and give the blind man our seat. do you think that the couple moved at ALL for the man? he even hit them two or three times in the legs with his cane and they STILL didn't move. so a woman who was sitting about two seats back got up and helped the blind man sit safely.

all the people who were within glaring distance of this couple couldn't believe thier eyes. i was about 5 or 6 seats back, on the inside by the window. if i were just two seats closer, i would have said something to them. but i wish that someone had said "hey! you assholes in the fur coats! get off your ass and give the man your seat!" but instead, like me, they just gave the man and woman the evil eye, hoping that they would feel some sort of shame. but sadly, people like that only care about themselves.

i tried to take a picture of the couple but my battery was too low on my phone. i wanted so badly to post their picture here for all to see. LOOK AT THE ASSHOLES WHO WON'T GIVE UP THEIR SEAT TO A BLIND MAN!

some people have no respect.


nita said...

that's why i'm gonna get shot someday. i would TOTALLY have whipped the paper out of the guys hands, thrown the file and said: Give me a motherfucking break, would you? Get up. As a matter of fact, get off.

Yeah, shot most likely...i really believe it you CANT make people be accountable, you CAN make them miserable:)

Clurg said...

SHit, this is a sharp-ass blog.

And the content is great, too.

A new stop for me.


(And thanks for the comment!)

Voix said...

Man, that would irritate the hell out of me.

Clurg is right, you do have a righteous blog. I like the skulls.

halloweenlover said...

Yuck, what assholes. People like that are unfortunately everywhere.

Honey Bunny said...

hey clurg and michelle...

thanks so much! i'm glad you like what you read :) please come again any time.

smussyolay said...


smussyolay said...

oh, and then stood up if i weren't already standing.