Saturday, November 12, 2005

So Strange

yesterday when i got home from work i checked my email real quick and then ended up crashing on the couch. i was exhausted. i woke up only twice. the first time was a result of me having the choking dream i usually have. it's so weird. i'll wake up because i think i've just swallowed something that i shouldn't have (a battery? a magnet? my cell phone?) and i try to grab it before it goes down my throat. so i wake up with my fingers in my mouth, gagging, thinking that i've just swallowed something. yesterday i though i swallowed my jack skellington magnet. of course i didn't, because it's still on the fridge in my old apartment in allston (unless my old room mates chucked it). but i hate that. i freak out thinking i'm going to choke or die because i swallowed something bad. after about 2 minutes, i fell back to sleep, only to be woken up when phillip came home from work at 8:30.

and then i went to bed for real at about 10:30. talk about a lame friday night! i have been working every day since last monday so that's why i'm so exhausted. thankfully phillip and i have tomorrow off. we're going to do fun stuff. but the only thing i really want to do is sleep in past 7:00! hopefully we'll wake up at noon. that's the life!

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