Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's That Smell?

it's the myspace thing. add me if you want.

wow. "i'll stick around" is on the music channel on cable right now. man, this song brings me waaaay back to the summer i was a drifter and living on my friend's couch. i made the conscious decision to not have a perminant place to live for that summer because i didn't want to have all the crap that came with it (bills, rent, etc). i also didn't have a job, which was pretty stupid. but it was one of the best summers of my entire life. i got to walk to the beach every day, read all day long, paint, draw, listen to music, and smoke too many cigarettes. i bleached my hair and then manic panic'd it bright red. sometimes i didn't shower for a few days and i didn't even care. i'd clean their house while they were at work and try to scrounge up some dinner for the three of us. i remember one time we had, like, $5 between the three of us, so we bought herb noodles and some veggies for a salad. well, i put too much water in the noodles and ruined it all. we still ate it, but i know i let my two friends down, since we were starving. we laugh about it now, but back then, it was a sad day.

those were some good times, i say. and i'd do it again in a second. i'll even take the stinkfoot that came with it.

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