Monday, October 31, 2005

Which would you choose?

i have to make a decision:

do i keep the job that pays me really well but sucks the soul right out of me on a daily basis


take a job where i'll be making half of what i am at the soul suck job, but know that i'll be insanely happy and make lots of friends and work on crafty projects day in and day out?

what's more important?

happiness and quality of life or money?


nita said...

depends on your debtload. if you can still pay all your bills but not have any left over - take the fun job. the money will follow. if you can't make your basic bills, stick it out in hell, save, and ask the fun job if you can work part part time.

my two cents!

Will said...

quality of life. If you make money someone will only break in and steal it.

Honey Bunny said...

hey will, you're right.

but what will i do about my looming debt? the rent? utilities? these are some things i need to process...

i hate money.

Will said...

Two words:

Amatuer Pornography

Honey Bunny said...


been there, tried that, might have to re-think my niche.

liz said...

Leave the soul-suck and go with what you love. You'll figure out a way to make do with the salary and you'll be much happier.

dan said...

I'd like to be all hippie love-festy and say go with the low paying job you love, but worrying about paying the rent or not being able to afford attending the concert of your favorite band can be just as soul-sucking as a lame job.

Honey Bunny said...

hey dan-
thanks for the advice. looks like i'm too late though. the artsy fartsy full time job has been filled. oh well.
i'm trying to convince my husband to move to MPLS. he's got family there and i think it would be good for us. boston is just too expensive. and obviously not safe.