Monday, October 31, 2005

What more can I do?

i just got back from the boston PD with a copy of our police report. i spoke with my grandfather this morning and there's a good chance we can recover the stolen bond. my grandfather (amazingly) kept copies of all the bonds he bought for us when we were little. also, amazingly, he bought three at the same time for my bro, sis, and me. so my bond is only ONE NUMBER off in sequence from the other two. and the irony? he bought them all EXACTLY 20 years ago today. he has the receipt and everything. GO POPS!

so i have to fax the police report to the issuing bank (i can't believe it still exists!) and then they will work on having it re-issued to my grandfather. i don't know how long it will take but i don't care. just as long as it's not lost forever.

these past four days have been crappy, to say the least. phillip and i did manage to get out yesterday and see capote. i liked it. philip seymour hoffman is brilliant. before we went to the movie we stopped to eat chinese at this indoor food court by emerson. there was a bird stuck inside and he was perched on the ledge by our table, waiting to peck at our food. i mean, the bird was SO CLOSE to us. i fed it a noodle. but then i had to shoo it away because i don't want the bird flu.


nita said...

things are looking up, yes?! you can always count on the older generation to have 20 year old receipts. us? if our credit card statement says we spent 1000 bucks at the gap and we only bought one pair of socks we would have no way to prove it.

yay pops. yay honey bunny :)

smussyolay said...

i'm very happy for you. that rocks.

p.s. i don't think there is such a thing as the bird flu.