Friday, October 28, 2005

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

last night, our apartment was robbed. they took my laptop (which is my lifeblood), our digital camera, some of our wedding money, my $100 backpack that contained a $100 flash drive, prescriptions, CDs, and most importantly, my brown case which contains my checkbook, address book, very important papers, and the $1K savings bond my grandfather gave me for the wedding (which has matured to $1,500. i was going to deposit it this morning). they also took my cell phone, $100 cash, and my laptop. did i mention the asshole stole my laptop?

so i've got no phone and phillip and i are sharing a computer. we have no camera and i had important stuff in that brown case. our wedding cash is gone and now we can forget about taking a honeymoon.

we believe it was an 'inside job' so to speak, since there was no forced entry. this is even more unsettling than coming home and seeing your door busted. we have two doors in our apartment. the door in which we enter and the other door which is there for emergency exits. we have a huge bookshelf in front of the door which is locked by a deadbolt. the deadbolt can only be accessed from the inside. phillip and i have NEVER unlocked that door since we've been here. not to mention that there's a bookshelf in front of it so we never use it. so how did it become unlocked?

of course, we don't have the proof, but we believe that it was one of the maintence guys who came in to fix our sink a week before the wedding. it would have been real easy for him to just reach through the area between the wall and the bookshelf and unlock it, tell his buddies about it and have them come and loot our place. even the police officer thought it was odd that there was no forced entry. but of course, he just wrote a couple things down and left...after taking him over 2 hours to get here. how's THAT for service?

i just got off the phone with the rental company and they said that they can't offer any help because there's no evidence of FORCED entry. now, if the perp had used a crowbar, THEN they might give us more help, etc. but becuase someone just walked in, there's nothing they can do to "beef up security" because as they say "it was already secure before this incident". so yeah, they are claiming, without coming out and saying it, that we left our doors open.

i'm beyond mad. and depressed. and now we're fucking BROKE because our wedding money is gone. i'm not about to ask my relatives to write me out another check, but i did call the bank and alert them AND i stopped all my checks so the perp can't use them. as for the savings bond? i'm afraid there's nothing i can do. although i'll check into it.

so there you have it. two people who mind their own business get robbed and set back thousands financially. two people who have never done anything bad to anyone. two people who just want to lead simple lives get fucked over by some jerk who probably needed drug or alcohol money.

life isn't fair. and it doesn't make me very happy knowing i have to deal with a society who has such blatant disregard for other people and their posessions.


fluffy said...

damn J, that really and truly sucks. im sooo sorry. weve been broken into before, and its a horrible feeling, one of the worst in the world. and you situation is even worse, given the wedding stuff that was taken. anything i can do in my limited capacity? shoot an email to, k? again, truly sorry.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to learn of your horrible misfortune. People suck.

You could ask your relatives to do a stop-payment on the checks and write you another one. Also, if your grandfather has the receipt to the savings bond, you could report it stolen. Since it's registered in your name to the federal govt, the perps might not be able to cash it. You can check with your bank or the bank where your grandfather purchased the bond on how to proceed.

Also, do you have renter's insurance? You might be able to claim some of it.

I hope things get better for you soon and justice is served.

Honey Bunny said...

no we didn't have renters insurance. the irony? we were planing on getting it monday, after i picked up the copy of our marriage license.

the bond was purchased in 1986, so my grandfather has no recipt. it's almost fully matured and i was going to use it to get (somewhat) out of debt.

i don't think anyone can cash it but me. so that's sort of a relief...

Will said...

I'm so sorry, that's terrible news.

jen said...

Okay, call back and demand that someone come out and fingerprint. NOW. Remind them that this is over $6K and that's grand larceny. If it is an inside job I HIGHLY doubt that perp used gloves.

Call every hour on the hour till they show up.

jen said...

Oh and grand larceny is a FELONY. Be sure to stress that. in no uncertain terms. You expect them to do everything ion pursuit of a FELONY.

(check what $$$ amount grand larceny is in your state, it's usually more than $5K though)

nita said...

I'm with Jen. call every day until you get action. and call the place where the maintainence guy works....and call the papers! i hate to say it but bad news sells. the angle could be: i know the $$ is gone, but the personal items could be in a trash bin somewhere....

ugh. that totally sucks. play the lottery sister, your luck is bound to rebound.

halloweenlover said...

OH NO HONEY BUNNY!!! I cannot believe I missed your post. I am SO SO SO SO SO Sorry. Really, this is HORRIFIC and awful. How can there be such bad people in this world?

I am so sorry. Also please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

liz said...

Call all your relatives who gave you checks and have them stop those checks too.

Seriously. Do it.

They may not replace them, but why should the asshole have their money?