Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sadness Pt 1

i've been feeling really sad for the past week or so. i know what it is, but i really can't mention it here. which is sad in itself. i know there are things i need to do to get out of the funk, but it's easier said than done. sometimes it's just easier to sleep part of the day and watch the the food network the other half.



Anonymous said...

Why so sad when you have such love!

Honey Bunny said...

yes, i do have an unbelievable amount of love.

and for that, i'm grateful.

fluffy said...

eh, you will snap back. things will always get better.

and besides, im with you on the Food Network part. how one channel can be informative AND the perfect background ambiance is beyond me.

except for Alton. that man is a god. all should worship at his cooking/scientific feet!

BadGod said...

Don't be sad! I am single.

So you know, whatever.