Thursday, December 15, 2005

The 11 Year Old Jeanne Has Put Her On The List

yesterday i went to lunch with a co-worker. while we were out, she wanted to stop at a few stores to pick up presents for her kids. we stopped at newbury comics, where i was able to find the cd i've been searching the world over for TEN YEARS! so i snatched it up for a mere $2.99! my co-worker couldn't find what she was looking for, so we went to toys-r-us.

being there brought back both good and bad memories. the bad ones involve my ex and his obsession with star wars toys. we'd have to go to toy-r-us or wal*mart two to three times a week, just so he could see if any new toys were released. and it was worse during christmas time when they obviously are in high demand. i hated these trips and would often stay in the car while he spent an hour or so in the store. toward the demise of our relationship, i would just stay home whenever he wanted to go hunting for SW crap. it was just easier that way.

the good memories are of my grannie taking me to toys-r-us and letting me pick out one toy or game each summer. do you know how difficult it is to choose ONE? i would wring my 10 year old hands and get all anxious about my decision. should i get the finger paint set, or clue? the spirograph, or the barbie car? coloring books or colorforms? the decision on what to get nearly made my head explode. my grandmother didn't limit my selection to price, but on what was going to entertain me through the sweltering summer. yeah, at eleven, like anything would entertain me for three months at a time.

i took a photo of this Barbie which was in a glass case display in the front of the store. she reminded me also of the endless hours i would spend looking through the JC Penney and Sears "Big Book" catalogs, circling everything i wanted. i was so thorough and organized that i'd practically make pie charts and spread sheets for my mom, detailing everything i wanted, down to alternates. like if she couldn't get me the black sweater with the neon pink swirls on it, i guess i'd settle for the purple with black. my christmas wish lists would often be at least 5 or 6 pages long, and once, when i was 11, i typed it all out for my mom. just in case, you know, she couldn't read my handwriting.

i miss those days. now, when my mom asks me what i want for christmas, i can barely think of anything.

but the irony of it all is that for many years my mom would end up either giving everything that I had wished for to my sister, or she'd ignore my list and get me stuff that she thought i'd like, don't get me wrong, i got some damn fine loot, but seriously mom, couldn't you just get me the one thing i really wanted?

happy holidays, yawl.


Clurg said...

I used to love me some colorforms.

I can't believe anyone makes them.

gumphood said...

I was in Newbery comics and they were selling Jenna Jamisom dolls that were reportedly anatomically correct.

Voix said...

Did you ever make Shrinky Dinks? Those were so cool.

Clurg said...

I think I just made one after reading that there are anatomically correct Jenna Jameson dolls.


Honey Bunny said...

which newbury comics would sell a jenna jamison doll? that sounds weird.

and yeah, i had a shrinky dink kit when i was a kid. i LOVED them.

and clurg, you made me laugh...OUT LOUD! :)

gumphood said...

It was the one in Government center. Its an action figure...not life size. I don't think its to eff either, but rather if you take off her clothes she's a girl. I'm not hinting at mini-sex or anything.