Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catholic girls start much too late

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here's a picture i snapped on my cell phone on my way back from setting up a videoconference at our building across the street. it's a window in the catholic church. i don't particularly like it or think it's beautiful or anything. the reason i took the picture is to remember the fun times i had with phillip in the very early stages of our relationship.

ok, if you're related to me or work with me you might want to stop reading here.

so this catholic church would be the place where phillip and i would make out for at least 30 minutes with the intensity of a hundred suns (cliche!). see, back in the day (when he was unemployed and bored) he used to ride his bike out to my work and we'd go to lunch together. we would scarf down our food as fast as possible and the sneak over to the catholic church. we'd decend some steps where we were almost out of sight and kiss and grope each other until my lunch break was over. it was like we were 15 year olds instead of in our 20s and 30s. good times.

it was during those early moments of a relationship where you're still learning everything about the other person and you can't keep your hands off each other. every kiss is like nothing you've ever tasted before. i get butterflies in my stomach remembering how sweet those few months were. not saying that they aren't just as sweet now, because they are. it's just that you can't get that intensity back, no matter how hard you try. but that's ok, because i can still think of those days and it makes me smile.

now, whenever i walk past the church i always look down those stairs and hope to see two people pawing each other without caring about who might be watching or when they should get back to work.


Clurg said...


You may get a kick out of Bataille's Story of the Eye. It's kind of a surrealistic porn that has a scene that takes place in a church.

Kelly said...

Good use of a church (yours, not Bataille's) -- it kind of sanctifies the space, I think.

fluffy said...

as someone who was brought up going to a catholic school, i can tell you firsthand what dens of depravity they are. some of the lock-ins we used to have were practically orgies. thats what happens when you tell kids how evil sex is.

fluffy said...

oh, and my wife told me of the time she lost her virginity in a church lock-in(not a catholic one though; baptist i think is what she said).

Clurg said...

Now I know where I should have been hanging out all those years.

halloweenlover said...

This story is too cute! How long did you have these secret lunch make-out meetings? Didn't you each have apartments?

I recall the days of making out for hours as well. Ahhh, the memories.

Honey Bunny said...

i was living in leominster at the time and phillip was in the same area of town we live in now. we only got to see each other 2 days a week, since i lived so far away. so on the days we couldn't spend together at his apartment, he'd ride over to my work and we'd have the make out sessions at the church. it wasn't very many times...maybe about 6 or 7 in a three month period. after that, i moved to brighton and we could see each other whenever we wanted!