Thursday, December 08, 2005

She Wants Revenge

She Wants Revenge
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last night was the She Wants Revenge show at TTs. i made sure i went to the box office on monday to get tickets because i kept hearing that it was going to be sold out. of course, when we get there it's pretty packed. but since i had the tickets, we were golden.

the first band never made it to the club, so SWR went on at 10. we had a couple of drinks while we waited for them to take the stage. i went outside in the 10 degree weather without a coat to have a smoke (i have a smoke when i'm drinking - sue me) and another chick who was out there said that she'd never even heard of them before. i told her that i've been pretty obsessed with their music since i first heard them in sep/oct. we talked a bit about how awesome TTs is as a venue to see live bands, and then we ground out our butts and went back inside.

the lovemakers were the headlining band, but the line for the SWR merch table was at least 15 people long for 30 minutes. that's pretty cool. i didn't buy anything because i'm not so into wearing band t-shirts. i was wearing my Cure one, but that's my limit.

the show was awesome. from the minute they started their first song i was impressed. i was a little worried that their electronic style wouldn't translate well live with real instruments, but MAN! they sounded so good! they played everything i've heard before, except for their encore song. they should have ended with Tear You Apart, but they didn't. but besides that, it was a totally awesome show.

we didn't stay for the lovemakers. i don't like them, and phillip was getting grumpy because he was hungry. so we waited in the freezing cold for the bus to take us home. when we got home, i couldn't sleep because i was still so excited from the show. you know it's a good time when you can't wind down for an hour or so after it ends.

or maybe it was the alcohol. either way, it was an awesome and totally rockin' night.

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halloweenlover said...

I thought I was the only one that needed to wind down after a great night out! I need to sit on the couch and veg in front of the tv for an hour or so before I can fall asleep.