Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Want my MTV Back!

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after reading SJ's entry on an MTV show i've never heard of, it got me thinking about the shows i totally loved. i cannot stomach MTV any more these days, due to the fact that they never, ever show videos. it's all reality all the time, a genre i loathe (save for Survivor and The Amazing Race). MTV is a complete waste of space on the airwaves, in my opinion.

but, back in the day (and by 'back in the day', i mean 1996-98) my favorite show to watch was AMP. it was on at 2am, Friday through Sunday. my good friend Bart and i would stay up just to watch it. of course, this was when i was 22, in college full time, working full time, and needing only an hour of sleep a night to function. now, i could never just stay up till 2am to watch a bunch of videos! eh, i guess i'm getting old.

anyway, AMP was one of our favorite things to watch on MTV, along with Beavis and Butthead, Daria, and 120 Minutes. AMP was where i first saw Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" and was completely blown away. the same goes with Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy", which scared the bajeebus out of me. i remember calling Bart up and saying "did you see that video!?" and we both agreed that it was completely freaky. awesome on many levels, but also freaky. almost all the videos shown on AMP were great, and something none of us had ever seen before. it was during this time that Bart started making his own music, too. blippy and bleepy and surreal. he made me a tape of his stuff, but in all the moving i've done over the years i lost it. and that sucks.

this was also around the time that i was seriously into electronic music. i loved Goldie, Future Sound of London, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Orbital, etc. my "boyfriend" at the time went to London for school and came back for christmas with a crapload of electro stuff that i tried to steal from him. he caught on, so i was only able to make copies of the CDs...on CASSETTE TAPE. it's so weird to think that CD burners were something that only the wealthy had back then. and it was only 8 years ago. and now, no one even makes cassette players anymore, so i can't even listen to the tapes i still have. technology, i tell ya.

of course, my husband makes fun of me when i tell him about this electro phase i went through. and i'm sure that my current friends would have a good laugh at it as well. but seriously, when i hear the song "Born Slippy" or "Block Rockin' Beats" i think of all the awesome times i had with Bart, Melissa, Jenne, and others. it was one of the best times of my life (not counting my wedding day, of course!) and i wouldn't change any of it. many times i wish i could go back to 1997 just to spend time with those people and re-live it.

the brain is an amazing organ. especially when a few bars of one song can transport you back to the good times you had.

good times, indeed.


Clurg said...

I never really watched AMP, but I remember seeing a Tipsy video on there (I think for "Space Golf"). I don't remember the video now, it seems it may have been a montage of old industrial and school films.

The Aphex Twin video is a classic.

Chuck Olsen said...

i used to love AMP!
ahh, the 90's.

Anonymous said...

i am surprised philip teases you about it, especially considering how closely intertwined the goth scene and the electro scene have been, especially around 97-00, i remember hearing alot of the songs you mentioned being played at manray!


Honey Bunny said...

hi bridget!

you know phillip, he's a music snob. plus he likes to tease me for the fun of it.