Thursday, December 29, 2005

Brings Back Good Memories

Brings Back Good Memories
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i'm quite ill today, with the stomach pains and the sore throat and the headaches. so i'm going to repost something i wrote somewhere else on 12/23.

just enjoy it, ok?

i just heard a snippet of miss piggy singing "the twelve days of christmas" and it brought be back to christmas 1979 like it was yesterday.

for those of you born after 1980, i'm pretty sure you can't relate. unless you're one of the lucky ones who had older brothers or sisters who were into the muppets and they had this album. and i'm referring to the vinyl disc that you play on a record player, not a cd.

i LOVED this record. i remember when i lived in lynbrook and my mom's parents would come to our house for christmas, i couldn't wait till my grampie put the record on and we could sing along. he would put me in his lap and we'd sing all the songs together. my favorite was the 12 days of christmas song for two reasons.

the first reason is because all the muppets get pissed at miss piggy because she doesn't play nice and sings the song how SHE wants. i loved that! even at four i knew i liked people who did their own thing and didn't take crap from anyone (hello...ever see piggy "hi-yah!" karate chop kermie? that's what i'm talkin' about!)

and the second reason is when the "ba-dum-dum-dum" part came after "five golden rings!" my grampie would bounce me on his knee to the beat. i always knew it was coming, but it still threw me off guard. and i'd giggle like crazy.

hearing that song made me sad and happy at the same time. sad because christmas means less and less to me each year, and i can't get back that enthusiasm that i had when i was a kid. it's also sad that i can't sit on my grampie's knee anymore and sing along to the muppets christmas carols. but those memories are really happy and they make me smile, so that outweighs the sadness that i feel at the same time.

i hope everyone has a happy holiday! and if you ever find this record, let me know. because i'll buy it in a second, just to look at the cover like i did when i was four.

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