Saturday, December 31, 2005


we'll be in minneapolis in twenty five short days! i can't hardy believe it.

all we have to do is:

1) sign the lease
2) mail it back with our payment
3) schedule the u-pack container to be dropped off/picked up
4) buy our plane tickets

numbers one and two will be completed tonight. three will have to be done on tuesday. and four, well, i think we're going to do our flight The Amazing Race style where we just go to Logan and get our tickets before the flight leaves. that way we won't be stuck having to rush to the airport if the U-pack people are late picking up the container.

oh, we should probably pack, too. but i've already started that, and it's going along nicely. i just have to ship some stuff to the in-laws and pack up the rest. i think if we both work together it'll be quick packing.

25 days.

it'll be here before i know it. i'm so excited!

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