Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Easter? Already?

i think the thing that bothers me most as i get older is the fact that retail stores stock their shelves with holiday candy, cards, and products WAY too early.

for example, i went to Brooks yesterday to pick up my next round of antibiotics and not only were there many shelves stocked with valentine's day candy, but the store has already started advertising/stocking for easter. EASTER! it just rubs me the wrong way. i was so pissed at halloween because before the holiday was even over, the stores had christmas items on the shelves.

does this bother anyone else, or am i the only one?

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the only good thing about it is that i get to eat mini eggs for a few weeks longer!


Anonymous said...

HB- You are not alone. Check out my Nov. 21st blog.
I feel your pain my friend. Lucas

Anonymous said...

I am psyched for Cadbury Eggs, personally.