Tuesday, January 17, 2006


i curse Kelly for mentioning the site meter and how awesome it is. of course, i had to add one to this blog, so now all i can do is watch it and see who is reading.

one thing i noticed tonight was that somone found my blog by googling "outrageus websites". and also "sexy bunny women pictures"how funny is that? there's also someone who found me by googling some incestuous terms that i don't exactly feel like posting here. although it made me all WTF?

now i can't stop looking at my stat counter. thanks kelly. thanks a LOT.


sarcastic journalist said...

Just wait. Wait and see some of the really nasty things you'll get. It seems as if many people in this world want to do nasty things to their grandmas.

Julie Du. said...

Thanks for the heads up, honey bun. I've been thinking about installing a site meter, but I think I would become too obsessed.

nita said...

the fascination will pass...


i'm going to possibly reveal my lax reading habits by saying 'i love the new layout. love it. hate white text on black background, but it's probaby just me.'

happy 2006