Friday, January 13, 2006


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on wednesday night, i went out for drinks with my BFF melissa. i met her at haymarket, only in the wrong bus area. i don't think i've ever been to haymarket in the years that i've lived in boston. anyway, we went to hennessey's and started drinking. for every one drink i had, melissa had two. i don't know where she puts it. anyway, we talked a lot and she told me about her plan to go to BU to study psych or psych related studies. i think that's awesome. she's always wanted to get into psychology, and it's never too late to go back to school. so, yeah...she starts in may.

we went outside for a smoke (because there's no smoking in boston bars, restaurants, or clubs) and at least 5 people stopped to ask her for a smoke. i feel bad that i forgot to pack my smokes when i left the house, so i bummed one off her. she smokes kamel red lights, the brand that we all used to smoke when they first came out. but now they are super hard to find. so you can understand her reluctance to just hand out a very rare brand of cigarette to strangers on the street.

a homeless dude stopped and said "can i give you a dollar for a cigarette?" and melissa said "dude. i've got four left and you can't find this brand anywhere." she then proceeded to hand the guy a $5 bill so he could go buy whatever kind he wants. he was jumping with joy that this cute white girl gave him a fiver to buy a pack of smokes of his own. i thought he was going to kiss her with his stinky, toothless mouth. thankfully, he just whooped and walked on.

this is yet another reason why i love melissa. this homeless dude would have been grateful for a single cigarette, but she gave him five bucks instead. how many people would do that? i don't know many.

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