Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Some Photos

taking a break from unpacking. here are some photos that we took over the past week.

we were greeted at the airport by phillip's mom and her husband don. they are some of the coolest people i've ever met. they made this cute banner for us to see as we met them at the baggage claim.

we weren't able to pack our furniture from boston so we're in desperate need of a couch. we went to the used furniture place in river falls, but we didn't find anything we liked. but we did see this groovy guy

we did a whole lot of nothing while in wisconsin. it was fabulous. we slept till 10 or later every morning and watched a lot of TV. we also got to enjoy mimi's cooking.

i have no idea why i'm doing this:

here's mimi and don's bird Jigs Junior. he's SO LOUD! phillip was getting so irritated with it, especially while we were watching Fargo.

on saturday we had breakfast at Victor's, a cuban restaurant in our neighborhood. i couldn't understand why they had "each" written next to the pancakes, until i ordered one and saw that it was as big as the largest plate we have in our cupboard! and man, it was tasty! we're totally going back there again in the near future.

and then last night, before we walked 2 miles to a cool bar/bowling alley (the name escapes me), phillip put together our entertainment center. now that's hot.

i better work on unpacking more stuff. we're almost done. i want to have more done before Survivor premeres tonight (yeah, we're fans). thankfully we have a whole huge storage unit in the basement where we can stuff things till we find room for it. we're still on the hunt for a couch, a chair, book shelves, and some sort of tower/towers where we can put all of our 3,000 CDs. so if you know of anyone who is getting rid of them or a place that sells them cheap, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

That's funny.

I thought you guys would be watching something like the documentary on GG Allin
or the one on Joe Coleman.


Honey Bunny said...

really? what makes you think we're into gg allin? i'm seriously curious...

the joe coleman doc looks really interesting. thanks for letting me know about it.

paige said...

It looks so cute! Post more photos!

Rick Bettencourt said...

Congratulations on making it...miss Boston?



Lucas said...

Are you telling me I missed a Survivor premier? NO WAY! I totally love that show. Really. I was home last night with the TV on. How could I miss it? HB, please help soothe me. Tell me it was all a bad dream and the season premier is really next week or something. Please?

Oh yeah, welcome to the neighborhood and all that jazz. Sometime I'll have to venture over to enjoy cuban pancakes. Yum.

Voix said...

I can tell you're in MN for real with those radiators in the background. Glad you've made it safely to your new home turf.

Victors is great, I love their food. It can get quite crowded on the weekend.

How's the throat? When do you start work?

Good luck!

Honey Bunny said...

no lucas...we got the day wrong. the premier is on THURSDAY! *whew*! we didn't miss it after all.

michele - the throat is all better. i still have three days left on the antibiotics, but that's no prob. i love the radiators, but it's HOT in here! we have all the windows open, too.

i haven't found a job yet. but that's because i haven't really been looking. that's something i'll tackle tomorrow. if you know of any leads, send them my way (i'm looking for help desk/IT work).

Lucas said...

HB - Oh thank heaven!!! The only problem now is that I have my knitting class on Thursday night. Thank God for VCR's. (Yeah, that's right, I still don't have TiVo). Glad you are feeling better and have finally arrived in your new home. I'll check where I work to see if IT needs any help. You never know.

Lucas said...

Thanks for all the fun comments on my blog today. So glad you checked in.

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, lucas! that's very nice of you. and we should have survivor watchin' parties so we can giggle at how much jeff obviously hates his job... ;)

Clurg said...

Well, maybe less GG, more Joy Division or Peter Murphy or something. I don't know, I've never seen it so maybe I'm missing something.

Of course, I'm probably basing a lot of this on appearances. If I saw you two in a crowd, the last thing I would think is that you were walking home to catch the Survivor premiere.

I admit, though, I'm thinking like a fourteen year-old here. My apologies.

Do you ever get cozy and watch the Brothers Quay? Amy says it gives her nightmares, but it puts me in a state of bliss.

Jessi said...

HB- I got my couch from this site: http://www.twincitiesfreemarket.org
Hope this helps. Welcome to the Cities!

Honey Bunny said...


thanks so much! that's an excellent resource! i'm going to check it out now because we need a chair :)