Wednesday, February 01, 2006


today phillip and i took the bus to the nicolette mall. he's ben there a bunch of times, but i've never been there. we decided to break down and buy this sofa at marshal field's:

i'm paranoid about us going into debt, but the husband assures me that this is a worth-while purchase. i have to trust him. then we went to the lyon's pub for lunch where i had the most amazing rahael sandwich. i don't normally like saurcraut, but it was so freakin' good. of course, we couldn't leave downtown without going to target. we got a bunch of stuff that we need to spruce up the house. then we took the bus home.

when i got into our apartment i see a package waiting for me. it's from my good friend tammy! she sent us chocolate covered pretzels, hot cocoa, bath and body works lotion, and a 'to do' pad (which will come in VERY handy!). check it out:

i love gifts! i've already had two pretzels and i'm saving the hot cocoa for before my nap. sweet.

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Something dirty said...

that's a cute couch! excellent investment