Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Crafty Time

i've been applying to many jobs during the day, but in between sending out resumes i tend to get bored. the food network is always on in the background, but it seems like i've seen everything they've programmed for the next week. tonight we're going to the varsity club to see BRMC and Elefant (my favorite!) so i'm trying to kill time before then.

i decided to make some mitten marble magnets. i had to dig through my crafty stuff to find the supplies, but once i did, i was able to make nine, really cute marble magnets.

i glued the marbles to the paper and then let them dry for an hour. then i cut around the marble and added the magnet to the back.

and here's what they look like when they are all finished.
i might put some up on eBay to make a little extra cash. i'd like to find all sorts of different papers or work with a theme. i made a bunch of family guy magnets and simpsons magnets and they sold pretty well. eh, we'll see. i just have to keep myself busy because i tend to get bored easily. i don't really like that about myself. meh.

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