Monday, February 06, 2006

Oh, Thank God!

i was supposed to have my last paycheck deposited into my account on the 30th. it didn't go through till today. i've been having a stroke wondering where my money was. when i left my job i was 20+ hours in the hole for sick time. i needed to pay that back so they were going to deduct it from my last check. that's fine and dandy, but i had 15 or so hours of vacation time. so instead of just deducting 5 hours or whatever, they deduct the entire amount of sick time, then in two weeks will issue me a check for the 15 hours of vacation time.

how weird is that?

thinking about it now, i'm kind of glad they did it that way. mentally i feel better about getting another deposit in my account in two weeks. hopefully i'll have a job by then, but if not, at least it's some cash to pay bills with.

i applied to four more jobs this morning. hopefully i'll get a call today or tomorrow. that would rock. in the mean time, keep clicking on the Ads by Gooooooooooogle. seriously, i'll make you cupcakes.


Anonymous said...

Can you apply for unemployment benefits after you last pay cheque?


Honey Bunny said...

hey sarah-

i read over the website for MN unemployment and it says i have to have a valid MN drivers license. i can't get my license till i get my updated SS card, which takes forever. so i don't think i can get it, but i'm going to make some calls tomorrow.