Monday, February 27, 2006


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oh my god. the most amazing cream puff i've ever had in my entire life (don't tell my grannie). the thing was so enormous that i couldn't even take a normal bite out of it. and after three or four bites, i was out for the count.

i lost against the mighty cream puff. i'll have to tackle it again tomorrow. that is, if i'm able.

i got one for phillip, too. i hope he likes his as much as i liked mine.

you can see another photo of the monster by clicking on my face over there. believe it or not, that's a dinner plate it's sitting on. it's bigger than any burger i've ever had.

i love me some cream puff.

i got it at Butter, 3544 Grand Ave S. Mpls


paige said...

I started a diet last week, and now all I want is a cream puff.

Fuck, and I'd been doing so well. :)

Honey Bunny said...

i'm sorry, paige! they are too delicious to give up.