Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Happy Fat Tuesday!

these are homemade by my mom
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i was raised in a pretty hard-core catholic family. so hard-core that when i turned 17 and moved out of my mom's house i denounced catholicism and became an agnostic. there are just too many questions i have that catholicism cannot answer. but this isn't a post about religion. it's a post about my grannie's Fat Tuesday tradition.

ever since i can remember, my grannie has made home made donuts on Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, whatever you want to call it). we would be invited over to her house to have a feast of italian and hungarian dishes, only to be followed by the biggest pile of home made donuts you've ever seen. check out the photo (credit: emilybelz on flickr). that's what my grannie's donuts looked like. and they were tastier than any donut you could buy.

the thing that made the donuts so good (besides being made with love) is that she made some with holes and some without. the ones with holes would be dusted with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar. the hole-less donuts would be left plain for us to fill with jelly, jam, or marmalade.

there's nothing like sticking your thumbs into a warm, fresh donut, pulling it apart just enough to scoop some strawberry jam inside, and then closing it back up to take a bite. and that first bite is like heaven! warm, sweet goodness and sharing the experience with my family. it's something i'll always remember.

i haven't had my grannie's donuts since i moved away in 1995. she's tried mailing them to me (bless her heart), but they just aren't the same. of course, i ate them just the same, but there's nothing like my grannie's warm donuts to top off an already rich and filling meal.

happy fat tuesday, everyone! enjoy today, because tomorrow starts the long journey of deprivation known as Lent. if you get your ashes tomorrow, get some for me. the nearest catholic church would crumble to dust if i stepped foot inside!

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I had king cake today and wore a few beads (I didn't earn 'em though.)