Thursday, March 02, 2006


this morning i had the strangest dream. i actually woke up to make it stop.

i was dreaming that i was living in a commune with the cast of The Electric Company. everyone was so bizarre. i mean, over the top bizarre. that show could get pretty weird, but my dream was like the weirdest episode that ever aired.

everyone was there. carmela, iris, hank, and mel mounds (morgan freeman as the house DJ!). it was really weird being in a commune with bill cosby, but it seemed like no one really saw him all that much. i think he was off doing other stuff or something.

anyway, in my dream, it was time for all of us to go to bed (because for some reason we all went to bed at 10pm) and all of our beds were lined up military style in one room. i started to get anxious because i can't sleep without the TV on. so i put the TV on and everyone got really mad at me. i tried to explain that i need the noise to get be able to fall asleep, but everyone thought that was ridiculous. i kept begging them to let me have the TV on, and then a a fight broke out between people who thought it was ok for me to have it on and those who thought it should be off. but the worst part was that Spiderman was there, in the middle, silently mediating. because if you remember the show, spidey never spoke. his words just popped up over his head in thought bubbles. so weird.

i woke up in order to stop all the fighting in my dream. but the strangest part was that i had the Electric Company theme song stuck in my head. i havent heard that in abut 25 years. what the hell?

i think this dream was brought to me by the Cookie Monster and the letter "J" (because i saw some sesame street last night while flipping channels).


Broken Bindings said...


heh. Very wierd dream.

(Cristin in NJ)

Honey Bunny said...

hah! yes, cristin! that's the part that i woke up with in my head. how strange is that??

fluffy said...

was spiderman there, catching the yeti that sits on snowcones?

Hue B. Mooksuki said...

Easy Reader was the DJ??? that kicks ass!

Was Fargo North Decoder there? He owes me a vowel!

klooney said...

i thought u said u were going to make this blogger members only? lol
i thought u said u were going to reject anon comments? lol
i thought u were smart? lol

u lied! because u and i know that u can't stand it when nobody comments. u are pitiful! lol. i'll just have to keep coming back i guess. see what happens when u fuck up? lol?

fluffy said...

klooney are you on crack or sumthin? or just retarded?

Honey Bunny said...

hi fluffy-

i know i opened up the anonymous comments for you to post (since you're my friend and all), but i have to close them up again.

i know you understand.

and i think klooney is just retarded. no self respecting, intelligent adult uses "u" and "lol" as much as this jackass.

so please register your blog name so you can post here again. i'll help you out if you run into problems!

ps) let me know when you're moving, ok?